The Need for Antimicrobial Coating at Hygiene Critical Environment

Places like hospitals, schools, hotels, taxis, and home are exposed mostly to pathogens and other microbes. The need for a scientifically proven antimicrobial technology that comes with lasting and adequate protection against harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses is a must for them. Which is why; several leading brands turned to produce professional and reliable solutions to ward off the problems in a responsible way. One such invention was TiPE antimicrobial coating.

The Best Antimicrobial Coatings

TIPE’s has an Anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment designed on nano VLR modified photocatalyst which can treat and protect any critical hygiene environment from bacteria and virus. This antimicrobial coating is uniquely engineered and features fantastic capabilities. It can inhibit the growth of germs on a variety of surfaces including their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1, etc., throughout their lifetime.

The Science behind it

Photocatalytic reaction and nanotechnology motivate TIPE’s antimicrobial surface coating. It can thoroughly decompose bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin due to the photocatalytic reaction. The photocatalyst helps in complete destruction and elimination of disease-causing bacteria and viruses directly. Advanced nanotechnology kills the bacteria at the molecular level, and stops regeneration of it with the silver antimicrobial process. Meanwhile, photocatalyst process destroys pungent smoke and smell, and wipe out the indoor pathogens that cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

The Potential Perks of adding an antimicrobial coating

  • Stops the spread of pathogens to a broad spectrum.
  • Has the potential lower the environmental impact.
  • Keeps the inside air fresh and allergy free
  • Lasts longer, unlike other antimicrobial treatments
  • Control and restrain outspread of mold and fungus
  • No need to reuse frequently, thereby, reducing cleaning time and unnecessary maintenance expenses.
    • Use of Anti-microbial coating

      Antimicrobial coating is applied to the wall, counters, doors, handles, and other high areas. In hospitals, medical equipment and objects can use this coating to avoid corrosion, material degradation, odor and other surface problems. Some painters even apply them to paint layers to inhibit growth pathogens in those areas. Once infused into the paint or coatings, its silver antimicrobial additive will protect against the harmful bacteria without causing any discoloration or bad dour. In some facilities, this antimicrobial coating can be sprayed with carpeting, textiles, gloves, and masks also.

      TIPE’s antimicrobial surface coating with nano VLR modified photocatalyst technology gives an ideal option to keep your hospitals, schools, care homes and other areas clean and safe. So, next time when you are up for beset microbial protection, get your surface and tools painted from us.


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