Keep Your Buildings New and Clean for Long

Air Pollution and dust, are two major concerns for buildings and other constructions in cities these days. You are left with no other choice then painting and coloring it again, the color losses its lustre due to the oxidative reaction between paint and pollutants giving a shabby and dull look. This is literally very heart-breaking, after all thousands of dollars has been spent to keep the building new and shiny.

There’s a simple and easy way to the cut cost on hefty painting bills that you invested in getting the building new and clean. You may not believe it, but there is an amazing photo catalytic nano self cleaning coating from TiPE, which can protect buildings as well as environment naturally.

Nano Self Cleaning Coating

Act is a Self-Cleaner

This is an innovative combination of super-hydrophilic, photocatalytic and anti-static cleaning properties of nano-particles, which works under the natural sun light to trigger chemical reactions which ultimately breaks down organic matter at the molecular level, and turns them to harmless carbon dioxide and water. Our nano-self cleaning coating keeps the buildings and other construction very clean, thereby reducing the additional maintenance and cleaning cost on other hand. You will notice a clean and microbe free atmosphere all around the building.

Your Building Maintenance Partner

Nano self cleaning coating is long-lasting and robust. Once apply this nano coating on the building’s surface, it will bring a self-cleaning function to the surface, without changing the color and materials. This property makes is extremely suitable for application on road and road side, as it avoid decomposition of NOx and acts as an air purifier at the same time.

As Money & Energy Saver

This revolutionary self cleaning technology keeps dirt and pollutants at bay. The super hydrophilicity protects the surface from dust, acid rain and air pollutant damage. It absorbs the UV from sun with the anti-UV property and then protects the surface from UV damage. In addition to that, the anti-mildew features restrain the mildew or alga growing, killing the bacteria and virus on the surface and the air near the coated building. All these properties make this nano-technology coating an assured product for reducing energy bills.

In a nutshell:

If you wish to keep your building young and beautiful for long, protect them from the harmful air pollutants using a photo catalytic nano self cleaning coating from TiPE. For sure, your energy crisis will slash down exponentially. Leave your maintenance worries on the shoulder of experts like us.


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