What are the Downsides of Traditional Odor Elimination Technique?

Odor or say smell is not something you can ignore and move on. Odors can affect our health and mind. For instance, a clean and fresh work station can boost the productivity of the employees. Whereas, a dirty and filthy smelling space is a home for many diseases is causing bacteria and germs. Living is such surroundings is not always healthy; you can fall sick or any long-term illness. This are the reasons, many homeowners, office or industrial spaces apply odor elimination techniques such as room freshener, disinfecting powder, pest control sprays for odor control. However, all these methodologies are very restricted to solve this problem.

Almost all traditional odor elimination and controlling techniques are just not effective in every case. You need an advanced method like the nano-photocatalytic odor elimination technique for fast and long-term results. Let’s have a look at the common drawback of traditional techniques for removal of bad odor from your home, office, livestock, and other places.

Downsides of Traditional Methods

• Not so-effective

For odor elimination people mostly prefer poor, unreliable techniques that are not so effective against the odor spreading germs and bacteria. Take for example – the room sprays can eliminate the odor in small, closed space, but are not effective in large work station and manufacturing set-up. Best you can try for the nanotechnology developed photocatalytic coating, it can fight against foul odor and applicable in any space. It is applicable in both biological and chemical odor surfaces.

• Lasts for minutes or hours

For any compact space where several employees are working together or any industry set-up, a foul smell can be removed by room sprays. Normally, the effect of room sprays does not stay for long. It vanishes within minutes or hours. So, they are long-lasting. Nano coating can effectively decompose the stinky smell, and the photocatalytic oxidation gives a long term effect. Power of advanced odor eliminating process is fantastic, read more

• Not applicable everywhere

For any low-cost garbage recycling center or pump room, an odor control system is a must. You cannot rely on simple sprays or disinfecting powders to kill disease-causing bacteria or control bad odor. Something that can last for longer and give constant results could be incredible for that space. Nano-photocatalytic odor elimination coating applies to any space, where normal room sprays cannot work. This long-term process attacks the bacteria and fungus on the larval stage to stop further multiplicity, giving you complete freedom from bad odor. It eliminates odor and microbial risk at the same time.

• Increases the cost of disinfection in public places

At any hospital, public toilet, school or lounge area; disinfection is an essential thing. We mostly apply bleach or do pest control spraying to limit the effect of disease-causing bacteria and germs. These methods are not-so-effective and last for a short duration. You have to repeat the process, and it will cost you money every time. A nano anti-microbial coating is far better than this, once you paint your indoor and outdoor, you get freedom from frequent maintenance and repaint job.

• Causes extra-pollution

When you talk about disinfecting or odor elimination technique, one of the most significant drawbacks is the number of pollutants it leaves in the environment. Any conventional odor elimination is not effective against water or air pollution; the chemical components mix with the surrounding is leaving you sick for no reason. A nano-odor control coating is the opposite of that; the photocatalytic oxidation reaction breaks the chemical components in the presence of sunlight into carbon dioxide and water molecules to reduce the harmful effects of environmental pollutants. It decomposes odor at a molecular level, with no absorption or covering but a long-time effect. It can keep the environment safe for humans. Know more

Bottom Line

All about the risk and probable outcomes of traditional odor elimination methods are mentioned. If you are wise enough to choose between the best or worst, you could found the answer here. For more details or any other query, you can speak with the team of TiPE experts. We are always ready to help you.

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