What do You Need to Know About Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment?

Nitrous oxide is emerging as one of the biggest concerns for people on the earth. If you look into the stats, nitrous dioxide emitted from both natural and anthropogenic sources accounts for 329.9 parts per billion of greenhouse gas concentration, next to Carbon Dioxide, CFC, and methane in the atmosphere. The WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin confirmed a 41% rise in greenhouse gases since 1990. The standard laughing gas is not so amusing anymore.

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The best method for Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment

Nitrous oxide is the gas mostly emitted from vehicles. It is a greenhouse gas which has drawn the attention of the environmental activist throughout the globe. It is somewhat 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and is capable of damaging the ozone layer. It is responsible for climate change and natural disasters. For the protection of the earth’s climate and save the environment from getting contaminated, it is mandatory to take out a solution for Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment.

It has now become possible to eliminate the poisonous gas with the help of nano photocatalyst. This technique is quite economical and environmentally friendly. There is a nano photocatalytic coating, developed to produce catalytic filters for NOx. This coating is easy to apply on the roads and various facilities, which will keep reacting with the NOx round the clock. Apart from this, they also help to destroy the VOCs from car exhaust. The maintenance decreases by applying the coating for self-cleaning and anti-mildew.

Features of nano photocatalytic coating

  1. It can purify the car exhaust by sunlight, causing no extra pollution.
  2. It is durable and has an impressive nano effect with catalytic reaction.
  3. Its self-cleaning property reduces cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  4. It helps to decompose the pollutants in an organic way, such as VOC’s and other types of harmful gases.

Benefits of nano photocatalytic coating

  1. It is a high-performance car exhaust treatment methodology
  2. It can be applied to the tunnels to keep them clean and eco-friendly.
  3. It can be used on the roads to control the effect of greenhouse gases in the air.
  4. It can be applied to the building to purify the air around.

Bottom Line

This Nano-photocatalytic coating has proved as a boon for the environment as well as it will help us to minimize the amount of poisonous gas present in the atmosphere. Applying this coat will help you to decrease the emission of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere.

Know more about efficiently managing the effect of air pollutants with Nano-Photocatalytic coating by consulting experts. Feel free to call TiPE experts.

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