What is NOx, and Why NOx removal is so important?


NOx is a kind of toxic gas produced by the combustion of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. It has two variants nitric oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Both gases are extremely reactive in nature and detrimental to the environment. NOx is also responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.

Environmentalists and scientists have raised concerns regarding the high levels of NOx in the air and have developed a technique for NOx removal.

It is scientifically proved that NOx is a potent greenhouse gas that is 310 times more harmful and stronger than CO2. The high concentration of NOx in the air also results in acid rain.

So, let us first know the sources of air pollution and then find out the methodology of its removal.

Common sources:

  • Power Generation plants: Most power generation plants burn up the hydrocarbons like coal to generate electricity and, in the process, emit NOx.
  • Automobiles: The fuel like petrol and diesel on being burnt also emit NOx in air.
  • Industrial units: There are many industrial units that, in the process of manufacturing various goods, produce harmful NOx gas.
  • Residential gas and oil combustion also result in the contribution of NOx to the environment.
  • Industrial boilers: The industrial boilers need to be heated at a very high temperature, and in this process, a lot of fuel is burnt up. When the fuel is burned at an extreme temperature, it forces the nitrogen to combine with Oxygen, resulting in NOx production.

The other common NOx emitting sources would include sea vessels and marine equipment.

Techniques for combatting nitrogen Dioxide pollution from Tipe

Tipe offers a nano photocatalyst technology for the treatment of high levels of NOx in the atmosphere. It has developed an effective coating material that can be applied on roads, buildings and comes at an affordable price. Again, the industrial emissions and automobile exhaust present in the air reacts with the coating to destroy the serious effects of harmful photochemical pollution. In short, it decomposes the pollutants present in the air and reduces the greenhouse effect.


  • Purifies automobile exhaust using sunlight.
  • It has self-cleaning features that result in a reduction in maintenance cost.
  • It destroys the NOx emissions produced in the air.


  • The coating, when applied in the tunnel, leads to the elimination of feculent air present inside.
  • When the coating is applied to the building and industrial units, it reacts and destroys the harmful NOx present in the air.
  • It has self-cleaning and anti-mildew features, so once a coating is applied, it can last for a longer time.


The government has realized the worth of nano photocatalytic coating technology and therefore does not pay hefty amounts for NOx removal. The coating is widely applied on buildings and roads for combatting NOx. It also helps the government to abide by the Kyoto protocol of reduced carbon emission as per nations.


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