What is Solar Panel, How to use Nano-Photocatalyst and their benefits

As we all know, the sun is the nuclear reactor that liberates photons a small unit of energy for billions of years. These tiny particles can travel 93millions of distance from the sun to earth in just 9 minutes. These photons produce abundant solar energy to fulfill global needs for a whole year.

As the sun release photons, for this reason, Solar panels have invented to convert sunbeam from the sun into electricity that can be used to electrical power loads.

It has myriads of uses, including remote sensing, remote power systems for cabins, telecommunications equipment, and generate electricity for residential and commercial use.

With time Solar panel conversion potentiality decreases 20 percent due to dust, and other grime builds upon it.

So it is essential to clean Solar panels every few weeks to eliminate dust particles. Some people use commercial detergents to clean it, but it might be a bit costlier as well as consume time and harmful to the environment also.

Nowadays, many advanced technologies have come to the market that clean solar panels automatically without any effort. Laboratories and industries are in high- demand as they are busy in making the non-renewable source of energy. Nano-Photocatalytic is the best Incumbent technologies for self-cleaning solar panels, among others.

What is Nano-Photocatalytic

Nano photocatalyst is a combination of photocatalyst actions and Nanotechnology. It has enormous use from ceilings, interior to exterior walls for cleaning, and keeps your things dirt-free.

Apply Nano-photocatalytic coating to solar panels to protect from dust rain and other harmful chemicals.

How does it work

When you paint Nano-Photocatalytic, water-droplets not forms and it reduces the cause damage by rainwater, the coat of Nano-Photocatalytic coating is exposed to sunlight, it can decompose all organic substances on the surface, but in the presence of sun rays, this coat will decompose the unrefined pollutants.

Once the coat decomposes gradually, it soaks organic pollutants and cleans the surface automatically.

Benefits of Nano-Photocatalytic

  • This Nano-Photocatalytic is colorless transparent that can be applied on any surface like metal, stones, or glass, or even painted walls.
  • Due to enough exposure to light, the coat in the solar Panel reduces the water strain gradually.
  • It can prevent the development of dirt, grime, and mold particles; due to this, it keeps marble, stone cleaner.
  • Nano- Photocatalyst has the antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria from the surface as well as in the air around the building surface.

In Conclusion

Solar Panel uses upraises as it is the renewable resource and produce electricity for residential and commercial use. But with time, the life span and efficiency also reduce as it accumulates dust on the surface. So, Nano-photocatalyst is the best way to protect the solar Panel from losing it potentiality produces more energy for our uses.


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