What is Special About Nano Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Solar Panels from Tipe?

Do you consider the property of self-cleaning to be a myth? If yes, the self-
cleaning solar panel from Tipe can be the perfect product to help you believe in
its functionality!

Solar panels are profoundly used as one of the most popular replacements for the
traditional sources to harness natural resources. The self-cleaning solar panel
from Tipe can be the best choice because it is affordable in the price range and
functional for most of the applications. Today, you can see that solar panels can
clean themselves automatically without the need for any human intervention.
Yes, you don’t have to put in that extra effort to clean the solar panels from now!

The idea behind working of the self-cleaning solar panels

The advancement in the facets of science and technology has led to the
development of such incredible products that can simplify the way you deal with
the surroundings. The self-cleaning solar panels are one such product from Tipe
and are based on the nanoparticles’ functionality and the photochemical

What is the use of self-cleaning solar panels in your daily life?

Can you control how the external factors harm your solar panels? Indeed, that is
never possible. The self-cleaning solar panels protect the solar panels from dust,
rain, and other environmental damages. Yes, you heard that right, the self-
cleaning solar panels are easy to use. You just have to apply a coat of Nao
photocatalytic coating, and the work is done. Count the advantages of opting for
the best quality self-cleaning solar panels for your requirements-

● It increases the performance of the product.
● It provides greater longevity for usage.
● The newness of the self-cleaning solar panels can be maintained with the
help of state-of-the-art technology.
● The self-cleaning property helps you reduce the maintenance cost.
● The anti-static properties and the super-hydrophilic nature reduces the
chance of dust and water to settle over the solar panels.

In addition to all the above advantages, the self-cleaning solar panels give more
energy output than those of the traditional ones. This, in turn, helps the panels to
reduce the module surface temperature and thus a longer life!

Indeed, where the nanoparticles have changed the face of the world, these solar
panels from Tipe can change the way you deal with the traditional solar panels
for all your spaces.

Features you should know about the all-new self-cleaning solar panels.

● It forms a semiconductor layer on Dye-Sensitized solar cells.
● The self-cleaning solar panels are best designed for Perovskite solar cells.
● There is considerable improvement in the hydrophilic nature and self-
cleaning aspects of solar panels with the self-cleaning property’s help.

The bottom line

Indeed, opting for better power generation and reduced maintenance costs can
be the perfect way to handle the current energy problems. The self-cleaning solar
panels are good for the environment and outline its various advantages for being
used in each of the corporate or residential spaces. Get them now to enhance
energy productivity!

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