What is the Best Technique for Odor Elimination?

Air fresheners are widely used to mark the unpleasant smell that surrounds you. Products like room freshener are developed to instantly eliminate the odor with a fine fragrance. The aerosol was the first kind of commercial air freshener used for home purposes, which had a fine mist to calm your senses with a beautiful scent.

However, one disadvantage of aerosol-based fresheners was that it was extremely harmful to the health as well as the environment. This was when the manufacturers had to come up with better versions of air fresheners, which were gel, liquid, and heat-activated based fragrances. Developed in a way that it instantly mixes with the environment, these fresheners stay for a long period.

With the onset of these new kinds of air fresheners also comes a large variety of fragrances. However, these scents are nothing but a combination of various chemicals that have the capability to eliminate the foul odor in the room.

These chemicals are often extremely hazardous to smell, with toxic products amalgamating to make the end product. According to various reports, these chemicals are the reason for various allergies, asthma, respiratory issues, hormone imbalance, and other health hazards.

Harmful chemicals present in air fresheners

air fresheners

According to service by the Environmental Protection Agency, most of the commercial air fresheners include petrochemicals, formaldehyde, ethylene-based glycol ethers and terpenes, p-dichlorobenzene, and aerosol pollutants. Continuous exposure to these chemicals can cause health-related issues. The VOCs can easily enter the respiratory system, causing headache, throat, nose, and eye irritation, nausea, and loss of coordination. Besides that, they are extremely hazardous to the environment.

In simple words, it is definitely not the best option for odor elimination. So is there any other way by which we can remove the foul smell from our indoor spaces?

Odor elimination technique by TIPE – 

Odor Elimination

Air fresheners are extremely hazardous with various chemicals that are dangerous to human health as well as the environment. This implies that it is troublesome to control bad odor with simple techniques. We need to choose an eco-friendly substitute that is reliable to be used in Indoor spaces.

TiPE offers a nanotechnology-based order elimination method that ensures to provide fresh and clean air by deodorizing the smell. This innovation uses photocatalytic technology to decompose the stinking particles at a molecular level, converting them into water and carbon dioxide.

The bottom line –

Eliminating odors at a molecular level is not a very easy task. You need high and precise techniques to carry out the process. Air fresheners have chemicals that are hazardous to the human body and the atmosphere.

This is why TiPE offers one of the safest alternatives for air fresheners. It uses nanotechnology-based odor elimination methods with the use of photocatalytic technology that does not cause any pollution and stays for an impressively long period.

For more information about advanced technology, you can visit our website or check out our blog on the importance of odor elimination.


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