What Nano Water Treatment is All About: Importance And Uses

Human beings are dependent on water to live; however, we never take care of it. It is extremely challenging to clean contaminated water. This is the reason why a huge part of the population struggles to find drinkable water.

Hence, the water treatment industry has strived hard to find a solution. This was when they came out with Nano water treatment or the use of Nanotechnology to purify contaminated water. But, before going deeper into the topic, it is important for you to understand how important it is to clean the water.

The increasing demand for clean water –

It is estimated that the time is not too far when the entire world has to deal with a water-scarce condition if we do not save water or at least find a way to clean the contaminated water.

This is where the new filtration method can work as it can change the entire situation!

Filtering, reverse osmosis, and micro- or ultrafiltration are some of the most widely used methods across the world. However, the catch here is that it requires a high amount of energy and sometimes large quantities of chemical agents. In simple words, they are not cheap.

The lack of accessible purification technologies leaves numerous people vulnerable to water-borne diseases that can even lead to death.

But in such scenarios, Nano water treatment can be a solution!

Water Purification at the Molecular Level

The size of water pollutants varies. Also, they are often totally mixed with water that is extremely hard to be separate. The filtration method cannot be used in such cases. Nano water treatment offers a high level of filtration of water contaminated by organic and inorganic solutes, toxic metal ions, and microorganisms with the potential of novel nanomaterials. This photocatalyst based technology can also be used for drinking water to improve its quality. It deals with contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc., in a more efficient way than other conventional water treatment systems struggle to do.

Also, another benefit of using Nano water treatment is that it either destroys or converts the harmful contaminants into harmless inorganic end products that include water, carbon dioxide, and inorganic ions.

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The bottom line: future of water purification industry –

A massive section of the world is currently facing a scarcity of pure or uncontaminated water. This might increase in the coming years. This is the reason why people need to utilize new purification and filtration solutions.

Nano water treatment is the possibility of a brighter future!

This is one of those technologies which is still in its infancy. Also, we understand the fact that it might not be accessible to use right away because of the cost of material and manufacture. However, companies like TiPE™ are striving hard to fabricate a technology that can improve the quality of living.


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