Why Application of Antimicrobial Coating is a Must Thing for Livestock?

Nowadays, the livestock industry is growing at a faster rate. People are looking for more and more animal products in stores, as animal-based products are high in protein and carbohydrate levels. The demand for meat and milk products is expected to increase further in recent years. This means, if you are involved with animal husbandry, poultry, or any other animal-based business, you have taken special care of their food, living, and health.

Life of animals and birds in livestock

According to calculated data, a number of poultry animals and birds regularly die of serious health problems and malnutrition. Mostly affected by the germs, bacteria, and fungus that grows on their body and slowly becomes a scavenger threatening to their life, ultimately. It has become crucial to take some initiatives and control the effects of microbes and germs in the farms and poultry, like an antimicrobial coating on the walls.

Yes, you heard it right. Antimicrobial Coating developed on nanoparticles, and photocatalytic reaction can be the best thing you can do to prevent animal death due to microbial infections, germ attack, and other serious diseases. Whether your farm animals are living in a close area or open, application of nanotechnology improved coating can offer proven protection and safety from pathogen by controlling their unwanted growth in animal livestock.

Antimicrobial Coating in Livestock Industry

Benefits – An antimicrobial coating is the safest, long-lasting, and advanced method of disinfecting your poultry and farm area from harmful effects of germs, bacteria, and virus. There is a nano VLR modified photocatalyst which has an amazing effect on killing almost all kinds of bacteria, viruses and their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1, etc.,

Functionality – Let’s have an idea about how it works. The nano-photocatalytic antimicrobial coating features silver nanoparticles. The silver particles in antimicrobial coatings form a silver oxide layer on the outer surface, which has the ability to attack the microbial cells, penetrate inside the cells, ROS and free radical generation and modulation of the microbial signal which is the most prominent mode of antimicrobial action.

Process – When the photocatalytic reaction takes place in the presence of these silver nanoparticles, the silver particles deactivates the physiological and reproductive function of the pathogens, which is the basis for multiplicity and growth in pathogens. The photocatalytic reaction decomposes the bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. Meanwhile, the deodorizing actionwipes indoor allergies to reduce the incidences of any respiratory diseases.

Bottom Line

If you wish your animals remain safe and grow in a healthy environment, feel free to apply an antimicrobial coating in your farm, poultry, or livestock. An antimicrobial coating has all the efficiency. Nanotechnology has already transformed the way people use to care and protect the environment. You can also contribute and be a part of it. Choose the safest, effective, and cost-effective technique to do animal husbandry. You can also use this coating on medical appliances, transports, automobiles, home accessory, wall, equipment and more. Read and know all about antimicrobial coating and pathogens.


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