Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Nitrous Oxide: Effects and Solution

Nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless substance that is considered to be harmful to the body. When inhaled, the compound can slow down the body’s reaction time that results in a feeling of euphorbia.

When it comes to environmental issues, carbon dioxide emissions are considered to be a massive problem that is running short on time. However, it is time that we also focus on nitrous oxide as it is 300 times more potent. Not just that, it plays a major role in depleting our ozone layer.

This is the reason why we need to get a hands-on nitrous oxide emission treatment that can help us save our environment.

Sources of nitrous oxide – 

The gas is well known for its recreational purposes; however, most of it is generated through farming. The emission of nitrous oxide from the soil happens from the chemical and biological processes with inorganic nitrogen compounds such as nitrate, nitrite, and ammonium. The microbes in the soil combine with nitrogen to create this compound. Besides that, there are various processes that are involved in the release of nitrous oxide, including denitrification of nitrate in anaerobic soil, microbial mediated nitrification in aerobics soil, nitrifier denitrification of ammonium as well as the chemical reduction of nitrate and nitrous oxide.

NOx removal technique from TiPE –

TiPE offers a nano photocatalyst technology for nitrous oxide emissions treatment in the atmosphere through economical mediums. The nano photocatalytic coating helps to produce a catalytic filter for nitrous oxide when used in vehicles. For eliminating the nitrous oxide present in the air, the solution reacts with the compound in the atmosphere and destroys the harmful elements to reduce photochemical pollution.

The NOx removal technique is the best solution to reduce a lot of public maintenance cost on the road and its auxiliary facilities that include sound barriers, crash. This happens because it combines the anti-mildew and self-cleaning features for nitrous oxide removal. So there is almost no cost involved in the function of the solution!

Features –

  • Purifies car exhaust using sunlight;
  • Nano effect with catalytic reaction;
  • Durable and impressive results;
  • Self-cleaning functions;
  • Reduces cleaning and maintaining cost;
  • Decomposes the pollutants present in the air, such as VOCs;
  • Reduces PM2.5; and
  • Efficient nitrous oxide emission treatment

The conclusion –

Nitrous oxide is one of the most harmful components present in the air that harm our environment. It is a greenhouse gas that depletes the ozone layer. Because of its adverse effects on the atmosphere, it is important to remove NOx from the air.

TiPE offers the best nitrous oxide emissions treatment that helps to decompose the harmful components present in the air with its Nano photocatalytic technique. The best part is that it is extremely economical and does not demand any additional expenses.


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