Why Is It Important to Have a Self-Cleaning Solar Panel?

Solar panels are widely used across the world, especially because of their energy-efficient, accessible and inexpensive benefits. Also, the atmosphere attitude amongst people has motivated them to look for a cleaner energy solution.

So now that you have realized that it is no longer a dream for the poor to get solar panels, did you wonder what all it takes behind its maintenance!

Well, you must have heard people saying that it is not necessary to clean a solar panel. However, we do not believe it! There is a necessity to keep your solar panels clean to make them work efficiently at all times. But it is not easy to clean them as they are installed at a height that is hard to reach. Besides that, there are also other problems that need to be faced while cleaning a solar panel.

So what is the best alternative?

TiPE offers self-cleaning solar panels that enable you to save money, time and effort since they are extremely low maintenance.

Self-cleaning Solar Panel

Self-cleaning solar panels from TiPE –

Solar panels offered by TiPE have self-cleaning features for extreme convenience and efficiency. This implies that the panels can automatically clean themselves without any manual help with the utilization of nanoparticles and photochemical techniques. This property is incredibly effective in improving the performance, durability, and newness of the panel.

The fundamentals of solar panels rely on the application of a coat of nano photocatalytic coating that protects the panels from dust, rain, and other environmental damages. The anti-static and super-hydrophilic features prevent dust and water from staying on the surface of the panel.

The nano photocatalytic self-cleaning solar panel is one of the safest, most reliable, and cost-efficient ways to deal with energy exploitation global warming across the world, with an increase in the lifespan of the solar panels.

Objectives of self-cleaning solar panels –

  • Formation of a semiconductor layer on dye-sensitized solar cells.
  • Advancement in self-cleaning and hydrophilic properties of solar panels.
  • Works the best for Perovskite solar cells when applied to form a semiconductor layer.

Advantages that you can get –

  • The self-cleaning property of solar panels reduces the accumulation of dust and water on the surface.
  • Environment-friendly with safe application
  • Better power generation with lower maintenance cost.
  • Super hydrophilic property works as an anti-germ, anti-microbe, and anti-dust along with reducing the module temperature.
  • Low-temperature curing is best for innovations and advancements.
  • 200% SSA improvement that functions excellent for commercialized sectors.
  • Reduction in pollutants that is responsible for causing global warming.

solar panel

The bottom line –

Looking for a way that can help you get rid of cleaning your solar panels? The self-cleaning solar panels from TiPE are the best solution to reduce the maintenance cost as well as extend the lifespan of solar panels available in the market. Along with that, the self-cleaning coating helps to improve the energy by reducing the module surface temperature.


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