Why is Odor Elimination Important for Selling off a Commercial Space?

The Americans spell it “odor” and the British spell it “odour”. There are differences between cultures and the way we perceive it, but there is no difference in one thing related to odor – elimination. Odor elimination is one aspect of modern living that no one will deny applying. There are several ways of odor removal and there are several familiar awkward odors we deal with. We have emphasized on odor elimination for the longest time possible. But, have you realized that odor elimination is important when you are trying to sell off your commercial storefront?

When you are planning to sell or even rent your commercial storefront, you want the best price for it. Unpleasant odors might be a problem when potential customers/tenants visit the place. Here are some methods to keep your store ready for purchase/rent and keep unsavory odors out of the door.

Clean it well: The first step that you need to take is clean the store thoroughly. Use a high power vacuum to suck out any odor source. Not just that, after vacuumed, make sure that the floors and walls are cleaned with organic cleaning liquid. Using an organic cleaning liquid is the best way to clean the walls minus any side-effects.

Look out for expired products: Products past their expiry dates are harmful in every possible manner. If they are a consumable product, they are no more in a state to be consumed and are a major source of foul smell now. For instance, you have some ketchup in your store and it has gone way past the date of expiration. The bottle might smell bad and send out bad signals to whenever there are potential customers in the store.

Odor elimination techniques: There are various odor elimination techniques including our method of coating with nanotechnology powered photocatalytic titanium dioxide that you can implement at your place. However, make sure you are not getting chemical based fresheners. Generally, the chemical based fresheners have a high amount of VOC which might lead to a bad indoor pollution. VOCs have several health impacts; you won’t want your tenants or customers to suffer from.

Selling anything is a tough task. Selling a commercial space like a storefront or even giving it out on rent is a notch tougher. You need to make sure everything is in place and keep your store ready for a visit anytime. A foul odor can make your store look unappealing and won’t fetch you the right price. This is where odor elimination becomes more important than ever before. Keep your spaces fresh and stage your sell properly with us.


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