Why You Need Nano-Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Coatings for Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are an indispensible tool for the eco-conscious generation. People are now using the simplest devices for converting solar energy into electrical energy for use in any residential, commercial and public place. In addition to that, the federal government has also enforced the use of renewable resources to safeguard the environment from hazardous pollutants. Therefore, homeowners are switching to solar PV panels as an alternate to costly electricity.

Solar PV Panels plays a crucial role in meeting our future energy demand, and it has been considered as an environment friendly source of electricity. For harvesting solar energy, the photovoltaic cells are mostly installed in the sun drenched desert areas, outdoor and roof tops of urban and rural areas. Hence, the expensive solar PV panels are exposed to dust, dirt, rain and external pollutants which results in loss of efficiency and power wastage.

Soiling in PV Solar panels

Accumulation of dust and debris on the surface of solar power panels leads to significant loss of energy. The light reaching the active semiconductor find it difficult to absorb solar energy, reducing the power output by 50%. You need to apply a novel self cleaning coatings which when applied on the surface of the solar panels absorb energy, eliminates surface contamination and optimize the energy efficiency.

What is the best solution?

TiPE offers photocatalytic self cleaning coating for solar panel users who want to protect the surface from unwanted dust and debris. Nano photocatalytic coatings have been extensively used as an anti-pollutant coating for home and buildings, and the solar panel is next in line.

What are the benefits?

The common benefits of photocatalytic self cleaning coatings are mostly not known to everyone. So, here is a list of advantages offered to customers from self cleaning coatings on PV panels.

No harm to the Environment – The nanotechnology based photocatalytic self cleaning coating utilizes the photocatalysis reaction, which means light energy is used to decompose organic pollutants at the molecular level and convert them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Photocatalytic self cleaning coating for the solar panel are purposefully created to protect and save energy at the same time.

Cleans itself – As the name suggest, the photocatalytic coatings are developed to repel water and dust particle from the surface of the solar panel. These coatings have super hydrophilicity, which means water and dust particles have zero angles of contact with the surface when a coating in applied on it. This is called self cleaning property and helps a lot in keeping the panel clean and new.

The growth of Microbes, Viruses, and Bacteria are restricted – Advanced nanotechnology based self cleaning coatings are developed with some amazing properties. It can kill almost all kinds of bacteria and virus including mutants also such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 and more. It also reduces the effect of volatile organic compounds on the solar panels.

Decomposes NOx – NOx or nitrous oxide is very dangerous for the environment and people around us. It is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer causing a climatic disaster. When a photocatalytic self cleaning coating is applied to external of any building, it protects the outdoor from NOx deposition. The photocatalyic property cleans and purifies the NOx to convert them into environment friendly composition. Similarly, the photocatalytic self cleaning coating decomposes the hazardous components to something eco-friendly.

Saves energy – One of the greatest advantages of photocatalytic self cleaning coating is energy efficiency. It helps you save energy from wastage. The nano particles and photocatalytic reaction protect from loss of energy causes due to soiling on solar PV panels. Users can save cost on maintenance chares and other pollution controlling methods with this. Feel free to know more about it.

There are several benefits of using photocatalytic self cleaning coatings on solar panels. But, many of us are unknown to the use and application of it. You can use it for the conservation of historic buildings, NOx removal and much more.

If you are buying a solar panel for energy conservation, apply a coating of nanotechnology based photocatlytic self cleaning coating on it.


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